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Hello! I have got a fancy rat who I believe is around 10-12 months old at this point. I have another male rat as well but I haven't had any problems after his neuter. Anyway, Remi got neutered around 6-7 months old back in June. I had them neutered because Remi had bAd buck grease, marked like crazy, and would sometimes get too rough with his brother. I actually work at the animal hospital that neutered Remi and I watched him get neutered. I have his testicles in a jar. I know it happened lol. But that was back in June and he did not change at all. He still reeks of buck grease, is practically orange under his fur, and can still get rowdy enough to bite his brother and myself. Has anyone heard of a neuter not being successful in rats? What do I do now? I just did not expect for it to not work since I noticed a considerable difference in the other rat who was neutered at the same time. Now he gets bullied even more :( And they still cuddle and are definitely buddies but when they start playing sometimes it gets too rough. Any advice at all? I feel stuck.
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