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New 3 level cage!!

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Me and my boyfriend spent all day yesterday makeing this cage for Naz and his buddies. I'm going to add more hammocks as soon as i make a few more. He's got tons of mini toys that are kind of hard to see but i got the best pics i could. This cage cost me a whole $5.00 mostly because mom gave me the shelves, wire, staples, wood, and tools. Living on a farm all we had to do was buy a little more wire. :D Naz loves his new cage and loves his new spacious home. It's 3'9"X2'7"X1'7"
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the whole cage
Sorry didn't mean to attach twice :p
I've`taken Naz's food bowl out and put a wood train toy in as a kind of feed trof lol. It's so cute, and Naz seems to like it :).
I've just found out Naz's new home will hold 5`rats :D, so my plan to move one of his sons in with him seems to be working out just fine :D.
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