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New baby rat with head sway

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This morning we picked up two super cute beautiful girls from a good breader.
One of them, Smoezie, is beautiful argente with red(-ish) eyes. I noticed she is swaying her head when she sits still, I suspect because of poor eye sight.
Is there anything extra to keep in mind with intros and cage set up with this kind of girls?
She climbs and balances and act normal and healthy, bit skittish but she just moved today so that might change.
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Thanks for tips to make this girls life the best we can!
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I had a rat with similar colouring to Smoezie's. She had dark red eyes and also did the head sway thing. I had her from 6 weeks old, til she died at 22 months old. She was actually quite a bit more agile than my other 2 rats and I never even thought to do anything different for her care. I did notice that as she got older she didn't sway her head as much as when she was a baby, and I assume that was from her becoming familiar with her environment.
I can't comment on doing intros with red eyed rats as she passed away before her cagemates and I never had to do intros with her. I don't imagine it would be much different though. Her nose will tell her what's up ;)
Good luck with the new babies!
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