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And I think I'm already seeing some problems of course. They are itching lots, so I'm going to dose them up with the proper doseage of revolution just in case. I don't see any lice but I want to be sure because it could be mites. I also don't see any scabs but brown gunk flies off when they do itch.

And I'm not fully certain, but I think Hobbes has some overgrown teeth. I made sure there was a hanging wood toy in there and I'm going to keep an eye on him this week. I'm hopeing it's not some malocclusion or anything D: He seems to eat just fine. Like I said I'm keeping an eye on him as I don't remember seeing any wood toys or chew toys hanging in the pics she sent me, so he may of been without wood chews for a long time for all I know. That or I may just be paranoid.

But other than that, they seem to be doing fine and are settling down nicely. They like their small 2 rat QT cage just fine, which I was worrying about. It's kind of tall and has lots of levels to it for a small cage, has very good use of space IMO and they tend to stay up at the top in a level I wish I could put a tad lower. I bet being close to the ceiling like that makes them feel safe, as if they are in a nice cozy spot. But there is another full level at the bottom and a mostly full level in the middle that has lots of stretch room for them if they ever decide to explore lol.

Any suggestions? I know I can't QT as much as I would like, being as my family lives so far away from me and they are the only people I would know that would do that for me. But they are in a seperate room as far as I could possibly get them to be. They seem healthy other than the possible mites/lice infestation and the possible teeth thing.
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