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New Cage for my Kids :D

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I've been eyeing this cage since I first went into Petsmart, 4 rats ago when I had just a hamster.
I wanted to get a martins cage, but I had a previous cage from Petsmart that they said I could turn in for credit, which I'd put into a new and better cage. The Petsmart by me doesn't have a good cage selection for rats though. The Superpet bar spacing is too large for my girls, and all the other cages were too small for the 3 of them. So it ended up being my only choice, even though it was my first choice so long ago :)
I was hoping to cover the levels with felt. Would that be okay?
This is what I've got in there so far, with many toys and treats to come.
I'd also like to thank my wonderful boyfriend for putting up the rest of the cash for the cage as a birthday present. Christian, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU! :D
THe cage is 30"/30"/14", which can fit about 3.6 rats.
And here it is!


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That cage is great! Just don't take out any of the levels..xD
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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