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New choices of the cage I should get!

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1-I'd probably have to add shelves and stuff- the tiny shelves wouldn't give them much room.

2-I've heard that the plastic shelves are kinda weak-I'm worried they would start to slump.

3-I think this one would be good because it will be ok for a while and thne I can add on to it-at least until I find a larger cage.

4-I'm worried b/c it is galvanized

5-I'm worried b/c it is galvanized

6- I asked the seller if there was any damage and I asked for more pics to see if it looked ok.

I want to make sure I get the best possible!

Tell me what you think is good & bad about each one b/c I plan to the one I'm going to get soon! Also tell me which one you would buy.
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I'd go with #6. I had that cage for a few years before upgrading to my previous homemade cage.

Though, you should look into getting a Ferret Nation. Best cages ever!
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