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my name is Sian and i've just become a first time rat owner to three rescued brothers who are 15 weeks old! I've named them Pinky, The brain and Deathraptor! :)
I've had the fur babies for 3 days now, and i'm trying the immersion training. Its going ok for two, they seem to accept me and are getting much more friendly, the last one (The brain) i thought was timid, seems he's not timid, but a very aggressive boy who likes to bite hard if i try to put my hand in the cage! :|
I managed to not back down and sat and bop him lovingly (wearing a sock on my hand for protection after the 2nd bite) and when i picked him up eventually i managed to get him onto his belly for a belly rub, he then sat inside my hoodie snuggling allowing me to rub, kiss and snuggle him along with the other two.
I'm not sure if i'm doing it right, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking forward to meeting/speaking to you all in the near future! :)
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