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New Rat Owner - Cage Must Haves?

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So I just sent off adoption/neutering payment to the rescue I will be getting my two boys from. Getting excited and putting together a cage wishlist on amazon (http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1FRKSZN252DU5).

Also where's the cheapest place to find this stuff? I found the cage cheaper on other sites but after shipping it's almost the same as Amazon and I get 5% cash back on Amazon purchases with 0.5% going to the rescue I'm getting the rats from. I am going to try and make as much of this stuff as I can on my own but a lot of it I'm going to have to buy. The total cost is adding up fast! How many things should I get in doubles since I'll have 2 boys? I'm guessing 2 water bottles and 2 food dishes at least?

Just wondering what you guys think are must haves? This is what I'm thinking so far.

Food Dish
Water Bottle
Rat Food
Litter Box w/ Rock

Felt to cover the metal floor/ramps
Cardboard boxes to hide in/tunnels

Wooden Blocks
Plastic Rings
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I meant fleece not felt. And it won't let me edit >_>
I'd probably not get the grass bed/tunnel. They are just going to pee all over them.

The basics would be food dishes, water bottles (get atleast 2), litterboxes (I would get two for a cage that size), Bedding/litter.

Alot of other stuff can be slowly bought overtime. Try homemade toys/boxes. Papertowel/toiletpaper rolls, cat balls, But yes everyone on your list sounds like fun :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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