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New Rat owner.

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Hello everyone! I recently purchased a young fancy rat about a week ago, brought her home, got her a nice big cage with toys and other goodies. Learned the next day they fare better with friends so went out that afternoon and picked up another one from the same group she had been living with, though we couldnt confirm if it was the same litter. One is really hyper and is all over the place and the other has been more calm the last week. Look forward to reading and posting!
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sounds like mine Mickey is really hyper and Snowball my albino girl is a lot more relaxed
Well, I'm going to be on the health thread soon, I'm worried that the relaxed one is not relaxed but is possibly sick. But I don't know if her behavior is normal or bad, poor little critter, kinda feel helpless. Been combing through forums, hopefully I'll find something, shed some light on the issue.

One of my girls is a lot less active than the other but she has a clean bill of health and is most likely healthier than her sister. Just observe. Make sure she is gaining weight, eating etc. Don't forget rats are mostly active at night.
Are they males or females?

One of my boys in the first week was very shy and didn't appear very curious... it took him quite a bit longer to get used to his new home. Now he's the most active. It may be a personality issue, or could possibly be a health issue, I hope you get the help you came for :)
Sorry for my delay, here is an update. We finally took the potentially sickly one to the vet, it was covered under the policy we purchased her with. It turns out she may have pneumonia, we will know in a few days. Look forward to many more posts and will keep everyone posted!
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