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New Rat to the Family.

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So, I just got a new rat and she is just adorable, but she is so scared. I got her from a rescue and they said she was pretty young so I guess she wasn't handled much? She hasn't bit me but when I go to pick her up she runs away and runs and runs and jumps from my hand. :[ I have had her for about 5 days now and I thought it would be time to introduce her to her new sisters, she just ignored them like they did to her so I thought it would be ok to clean there cage and move her in there.

Well all she does is run around like mad, ignore the girls like they do to her, run on the wheel over and over and just run around like mad. The girls don't fight or anything but it seems to be me she is so scared of. :[
I hope by seeing the other girls interact with me she may come along but I don't know. I'm looking for advice on how to make her feel more welcomed and actually want to be my friend. Its like Im the bad guy? Murrr. Anyone?
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Lol, thats generally how it works. I got my second girl from a petstore.. Big Mistake, but I love her to death so no regrets... Anyway, she was a basket case, she would run away from me when I tried to hold her, she would squeak when I finally picked her up, she would not stay still for a half a second, and then i discovered the god given spaghetti noodle... Well guess who is the most loveable rat i've ever seen lol? Her name is piggle for a reason lol...
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