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New Rats, Sneezing, Please Advise

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Hi, I know about Rat respiratory issues because I've owned rats in the past, but this new rat I have is a very confusing sneezer. I adopted two neutered boys five days ago, and the first day I brought them home, William, started sneezing A LOT, I mean, like every ten seconds. He did this for the whole first day except when he layed down, at which point he was completely silent. By the second day he was still sneezing quite a bit, but not nearly as much, and again it was only while he was being active.

The sneezing has progressively improved, but still today, his fifth day here, he has sneezing fits. There are times when he sneezes very frequently, but then there are hours on end that he doesn't sneeze at all. He never sneezes when he's being still, only when he's active, but not every time he's active.

I use(d) aspen wood shavings, but changed their bedding to carefresh just in case he's a bit hyper-sensitive. I'm just confused... He came from a VERY responsible rat rescue, from a cage full of his brothers. He lives with his brother in quarantine now, and his brother is fine. Other than the sneezing (and the fact that he is a bit shyer than his brother, Walter), he seems fine. His nose is not runny, his eyes are bright and clear and red-stuff free, his poop is normal, his appetite is healthy, and his breathing is fine outside of the sneezing.... and he does seem to sneeze more when he's excited or stressed, or both.

So i'm just wondering if he's maybe just got a touchy nose, or if he's still adjusting, or if i should bring him to a vet. I don't have a problem bringing him to the vet, and will if i need to. But the rat-experienced vets around here are quite expensive, with a minimum of 45$ just to look at him. So if it's just an adjustment or personality issue, I'd rather hold off; but at the same time, I don't want him to suffer from any lung damage if it is in fact a respiratory infection.

Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated...
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Thanks for replying. I did email the owner of the rat rescue, but she hasn't responded yet and probably won't until the weekend (i know this from prior experience with her, she is very busy).

Your experiences and others like it is what scares me. I'm leaning towards waiting a bit longer, and if the sneezing persists monday, taking him to the vet...
I don't know for sure how old he is cause he's a rescue. Best estimate is 4-6 months. I got some echinacea from the store today and will see if that improves it at all.

Like I said, the sneezing fits are weird and seem to be associate with excitement and/or stress, but I will take him to the vet next week if it continues.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I'm going to change the bedding and continue with the echinacea, as he seems to be getting a bit better these last couple days. If he is still sneezing at all by the end of the week, I'll take a half day and get him to an exotic vet.

I wonder why his brother, who has obviously been exposed to this since birth, doesn't show any signs of myco... :roll:
Um, I never said I thought it was allergies. So whoever told me to get real, can relax and "get real" themself.
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