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Punc is the gent in black and Bruxly is the dapper fellow in tan.

Bruxley got his name by making quite the display of bruxing and boggles when I started petting him. Punc Chewation is because he's got an ! on his back! Also, he's got a pair of :s on either side of his underbelly right above his business.

Had the cage and all the accessories for about a week before I was able to find any rats in my area! That at least gave me time to sew fleece for all the shelves and ramps. These were the two at the shop that were most interested in me and even gave me a couple of licks upon meeting me! Brought them home and promptly into the bathroom for formal introductions! After about an hour of hands on time and a ton of fear poos and an ocean of ratty piddle, they started to settle down and realize that I'm on their side and only gave minor protests about touching and actual pettings. Within the second day, they started taking treats from my fingers without running off to eat them or stash the goodies. It's been just under a week now and they'll come out of the cage right up along my arm and to my shoulder to hang out..Bruxley even managed to climb on top of my head (Also to beg for more snacks. Punc is a fatty!) They've been getting about 2-5 hours with me per day and have even taken to grooming my hands and letting me pet them more. No more squeaks when being picked up and it's been a whole two days without being pooped on! Progress! I've been working on them learning names and trying not to spoil them rotten with treats! I've been making my own ratty cookies for them already and they adore them!

This was taken at the end of my first introduction and hands on session.

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