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Hi! New rat owner here (well, that's not actually true, but it's been 10 years). I am the proud slave of three bunnies and six hamsters, but it's been a while since rats have been a part of the menagerie.:)

So, I recently rescued a feeder rat. He had been in my local pet store for months in isolation with absolutely no enrichment. He is clearly obese and depressed, and when the pet store put a 'free' sign on his tank, I couldn't just leave him there. The employees claim he is around 5-6 months old and very good with people, as he had been handled a lot while in the store. Because he will obviously be my pet, the employees allowed me to hold him until his double critter nation arrives on Tuesday at the latest. I also have a vet appointment scheduled for that day in case he has any UTIs or other issues brewing. I have done research on rats in the past and am generally prepared, but the one issue I have is getting him a companion. From what I understand, he has been alone for quite some time. What is the best and safest route in getting him a companion? I have no rat rescues near me with spayed females, ruling out that option. Would it be better to introduce a baby male now or wait a month to get him neutered and then introducing a female? One companion or two? I have lots of experience in bonding rabbits, but never rats.

Also, we've decided to name him Toblerone, or Toby for short. I hope to learn as much as I can before I bring the big squish home.:)
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