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Hi i might be getting some rats in a few weeks and ive been reading a lot online about them. I have a lot of questions since i dont know too about rats but i know the basic supplies and stuff.

1) Is this cage big enough to house 2 rats?

2) I dont really get what a nesting box is. Is it some sort of container with some bedding in it?

3) Would i use anything to cover the second levels?

4) Do different species socialize well?

5) Do you handle your rats right away when you get them?

6) I heard it was bad to buy rats from pet stores. Why is that?

7) Im planning on getting a ferret hammock and a tunnel thing. What other toys should i get?
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2) Nesting box might also appear in the context of a birthing female who needs a cozy place to have her babies. But all rats need a 'safe place'.

3) General consensus is that wire floors can increase the risk of bumblefoot if not kept very clean.

4) All rats sold as pets are, in general, the same species. Rats and hamster, gerbils, rabbits, mice, etc. are a very bad idea, as rats are predators and will kill anything small than them and will attempt to attack anything bigger than them that threatens them.

5) Depends on the rat. Some are skittish, shy, and may nip. Some are loves immediately. Give them time to settle in, but don't be afraid to pick them up. Search 'forced socialization' if you end up with a skittish rat.

6) Buying pet store rats also supports the people who breed indiscriminately for feeder purposes.

7) Hammocks and tunnels are good, as are anything they can chew (that isn't pine or cedar, which can be quite bad for any animal, or painted with toxic paints, hopefully most animal toys are painted safely). Anything they can destroy seems to go over well, as well. Change things up and keep them entertained.
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Though I seem to have repeated a lot of what you'd already said. :oops:
Some breeders will 'ship' but that usually involves air travel. You could perhaps ask if the breeder is willing to bring the rat to you or to meet you halfway, or wait until you're 15, have a permit and offer to buy the gas and do all the driving...
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