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Hi i might be getting some rats in a few weeks and ive been reading a lot online about them. I have a lot of questions since i dont know too about rats but i know the basic supplies and stuff.

1) Is this cage big enough to house 2 rats?

2) I dont really get what a nesting box is. Is it some sort of container with some bedding in it?

3) Would i use anything to cover the second levels?

4) Do different species socialize well?

5) Do you handle your rats right away when you get them?

6) I heard it was bad to buy rats from pet stores. Why is that?

7) Im planning on getting a ferret hammock and a tunnel thing. What other toys should i get?
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i have one more question. The nearest breeder by me is about a 2 hour drive and i doubt my dad will drive up there (im only 14). Do breeders ever ship rats or is that bad for the rats?
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