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Newbie in Rat Land

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Just jumping in to say Hello and do a quick intro :) I have 2 female double rex dumbo (what a mouthful) who are ~5 months old. Happy to have found a place to ask specific questions directly, as there is SO much info on the net. Looking forward to joining the community!:D
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Welcome to the rat world, Rosumi! :)

Do your little girls have names? Any photos to share? :)
My girls are Rosie and Sumi...can you tell my by amazing well thought out forum name? ;)
Rat Muridae Mouse Whiskers Rodent
Rat Cat Sphynx Donskoy Peterbald

Not sure why my photos are sideways.... But those are my girls! Not thrilled that I interrupted their cozy nap/snuggle for pictures :p
Rosie is, of course, the ruby-eyed champagne (kids chose her name) and Sumi is the blue.
I have to work on better pictures, but they move so darn fast!
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Oh my goodness, they're beautiful. x)
Welcome to the forum :)
Adorable! I've tried out rat groups on Facebook and such, but I never get proper replies on anything I post there. This forum is definitely a good choice :)
I know what you mean about trying to get photos! I either get a nose close-up when they want to see what I am doing or a rat butt when they lose interest and decide to look for something else to do.
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