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Hello, I'm a newbie to this site. I'm a member of another rat forum and thought I'd spread my wings a little (you can never meet enough rat fans)

Let me introduce myself,....my name is Carla and I'm a rataholic.

I currently have 5 rat boys
Dante - Augoti rat boy
Tonks - Black & white hooded (fat) rat boy
Irwin - Grey & white dumbo rat boy
Meric - Champagne & White red eye rat boy
Smudge - Siamese ruby eye baby rat boy

Looking to buy a house/flat soon,....which means bigger cage,...which means more rats!!!! My OH has been trying to persuade me for ages but don't have the room at the mo. I'd love to get some girlies too (seperate cage, as all my boys are still intact downstairs) but OH isn't so keen. He wan'ts the worlds biggest cage full of boys, although I'm sure he'll change his mind when it come to cleaning it out!!! :lol:

Anyway,....bit of an essay but HI ALL!!!!
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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