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Hello all! My name is Kate and I'm twenty years old. A couple years back I had a couple of ratties but due to issues with school and money problems I had to return them to the breeder...they weren't getting the attention they deserved and I wanted them to find a more responsible home.
Now that I have my own apartment though which allows pets and where I have much more of my own time, my boyfriend has been urging me that we should get a rat, as he had them when he was still in school, too. I did have a couple of questions and concerns though, before I go and pick up a baby, so here I am! :)
By the way, a bit more detail about myself...I work a full-time job from the afternoon to evening, have my own apartment, and currently no pets. I've had a variety of pets throughout the years, ranging from dogs and cats to ferrets, hedgehogs, hamsters, and gerbils (my one gerbil lived nearly three years), I love animals and especially the little fat fluffies (ratties, hedgies, gerbils, hamsters). My sweetie just got home from Iraq which is when I was fortunate enough to meet him not too long ago and we're trying the roommate thing, and both of us agree that a home without critters just isn't the same. We both have the time to spend with a new baby so that he/she wouldn't be alone, I'm still talking to him about getting two so they can have company even if Matt or I can't be there. Sooo, hello all!
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Welcome, and may I recommend really pushing for at least two rats. They're social animals and are truly happiest with other rats around to keep them company.
hi, I'm also a military wife, living in an apartment so rats are a perfect pet :D very social and fun but small enough to keep in check.
Hope you get at least two and come here if you have any questions!
welcome :D
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