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So, I live in Ontario, Canada.

On Saturday I left two messages. One to The Standard and one to Niagara This Week asking if the ink they used to print their newspapers was organic or if it was made with any sign of toxins/irritants that could potentially harm small animals if ingested.

No response back, no big deal.
Thought I'd call again today.

Interaction with the Standard:

The Customer Service, although not knowing the answer (Which is cool, whatever. I work for Customer Service and I'm not going to know the answers 100% of the time) they were willing to help. Hopefully I get a response back from the nice Gent within a reasonable time, but I also emailed in just in case.

Now, with Niagara this week. The Customer Service was kind of terrible.
The lady (Initially nice) didn't know the answer (She said that she thinks it was made from vegetable based ink, but I wanted an actual answer...), and pawned me off onto this other guy, who also didn't know the answer.. But told me to call The Hamilton Spectator.

The Hamilton Spectator:

The lady was rude, didn't know the answer and had me repeat my email like 5 times, claiming bad signal. I told her she could just leave a voice mail. But she asked why I was asking (First of all, who cares why I'm asking? I want to know the answer.) But when I told her, she became rude and demanded my email address, which I willingly gave.. 5 or 6 times. She wasn't listening and had me repeat it, until I just gave up.

I work for Customer Service *I know how to interact with people on the phone*, I was polite and nice and apologetic for the weird question, but she was rude.

I also find it kind of worrisome that my newspaper companies do not know what's in the ink they use.
What if someone had allergens to certain types of chemicals?

I want my answer. I'm tired of the ongoing circle.
I don't even know like The head office to call because it's honestly impossible to find that certain type of information online, apparently.

This pisses me off.
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