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He is most likely eating poop because he is deficient in essential nutrients.

It's possible that there is something in commercial rat blocks that is not agreeing with him. Is there an ingredient in all of the blocks that is not in Cheerios, that you can see?

Here is an elimination diet guide related to food allergies in rats, it might help to try:
If no new foods have been added to the diet or the specific food agent is unable to be identified readily, then
proceed with an elimination diet. A true elimination diet involves giving one novel protein source and one novel carbohydrate source. This type of controlled diet can be very strict. Listed below is a modified version of an elimination diet (Ducommun 2000):

Give a base diet of cooked brown rice, raw millet, and include 1 teaspoon of Nutri-Cal (purchased at your local Pet Store or through your Veterinarian).
Give over 7 to 10 days.
If improvement is seen then begin adding a food to this base diet.
Keep a record of when each food is added and the response.
If symptoms return following the addition of a particular food then you have identified the culprit food and can remove it from the diet.
Pet store rats are hit and miss with temperament. They are bred in poor conditions in what is basically a breeding factory. They are only produced to make a profit and no thought is put into their temperament or health. So it's not surprising that he is so timid and unhealthy. Unfortunately, that's the risk one takes when purchasing an animal from a pet store vs a proper breeder.
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