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I rescued 8, 4 week old baby rats last weekend from being snakefood and as much as I love them all I am only keeping three of them!
I will be looking for homes for the other five.

Here is the breakdown of the ones available:
Two boy Pink Eyed Whites
Two female Pink Eyed White Dumbos
One female Blue(American maybe?) Hooded

All babies are well socialized and have been held every single day. I would like to wait to rehome them until they are a bit older, however if you insist that you'd like them before they are 8 weeks old I can rehome them starting 6 weeks old.
I would prefer if you take all the females OR the both the males, however I can consider placing one of the females if you have existing females or a neutered male. Keep in mind these babies are small at the moment!

And no I will not rehome before 6 weeks of age<3
two.jpg three.jpg image.jpg image[8].jpg

For more pictures and information please post here OR if you want a faster reply email me at [email protected]

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