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Not sure where this should be posted...

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So heres the deal, After building a HUGE cage that according to the rat calculator can comfortably house 8 rats, I've decided to expand our little ratsy family.I have 3 girls comming from a rescue in a few weeks, and the last I'm looking to buy from a hairless rat breeder...I have found one, I was just wondering, what are some GOOD questions I should ask to make sure they are being responsible about their breeding program. I really hope they are responsible because I've fallen in love via pictures with a 2 month old blue hairless female... my heart flutters everytime i see it haha.
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Heres a picture of the rat in question...

So far I haven't heard from the breeder, but from the ad I had found she seems responsible. I think shes trying to downsize her breeding program though because shes moving, shes selling a lot of other things as well, like cages and such...
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isn't she?!
But what is that stuff around her eyes? Lulu and Piggle don't have it.
...this better not be a stolen picture then, because it is from a site that features ads on pets and I've fallen in love, I haven't seen lerats post but I'm going to check it out right now :| im scared lol.
...looks like I've been beaten to it :( now I'm sad lol. Oh well, like I said the owner hasn't contacted me yet, but if lerat is actually getting this rat he might want to tell her to STOP POSTING PICTURES OF IT :evil: lol :p I went and got my hopes up for nothing... Looks like I'm on the search again lol.
I dunno. I was assuming it was.. I think I'll just wait for my rescue to receive a hairless rat.. Ah and I was all excited to :( haha.
Matt said:
renay said:
I dunno. I was assuming it was.. I think I'll just wait for my rescue to receive a hairless rat.. Ah and I was all excited to :( haha.
I sorrys... :(
well thank ya matt, I just wanted to get one from a breeder so I could widen my experiences with rats, I already have 2 pet store girls, and I'm getting 3 rescues, my cage can comfortably house 8 but 6 is enough so I wanted a hairless from a breeder to have some experience there to.. But you know, I think I will opt for the shelter, it sounds like the best of ideas! Especially for the rats. :) I think I'd rather save an extra life.
Okay so I still don't know what the deal is with this woman, and the more I think about it the more frustrated I get... she emailed me just saying "Okay when would you like to pick them up" not very responsible. Lerat if you read this let me know if you got rats from this person, or if you actually got the rats in your pictures.. because the EXACT same pictures are posted on kijiji.com and again today a new add was made up with their pictures in it.
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