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Not sure where this should be posted...

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So heres the deal, After building a HUGE cage that according to the rat calculator can comfortably house 8 rats, I've decided to expand our little ratsy family.I have 3 girls comming from a rescue in a few weeks, and the last I'm looking to buy from a hairless rat breeder...I have found one, I was just wondering, what are some GOOD questions I should ask to make sure they are being responsible about their breeding program. I really hope they are responsible because I've fallen in love via pictures with a 2 month old blue hairless female... my heart flutters everytime i see it haha.
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renay said:
I dunno. I was assuming it was.. I think I'll just wait for my rescue to receive a hairless rat.. Ah and I was all excited to :( haha.
I sorrys... :(
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