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Odor Control

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So ever since I've gotten the new Martins cage I feel like I've had to clean a lot more. The fabric stuff is what is stinking, and I wash it ever three days now and in a day or so it is stinky again. I know they really love their little fabric hidy holes and tubes and stuff, but I'm considering getting rid of them for good because I'm sick of the smell and so is my boyfriend who won't shut up about it. I've tried replacing all the fabric stuff too in the hope that perhaps the older stuff was just worn out with pee, but they stunk that up just as quickly. I've been trying to find plastic or nylon hidy holes and tubes but haven't found much of a selection.... I wish they wouldn't pee where they sleep. grrrrr
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i have plastic tubes and most the hidy holes are boxes that get chucked away!
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