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oh man i just needed Yogies!!!

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Well.. my quick run into Petsmart to buy yogies made me look at the rat they had in a cage by hisself.. Little Dumbo tan to light brown.. I even had the Yogies in hand headed towards the checkout.. that is all I needed..

Well.. I now have 4 boys!!! Had three that I got about 4 weeks ago and after QT they will have an extra member. I brought the Dumbo home...
Funny seems like role reversal.. I called my wife and said .. they have a lonely Dumbo male all by hisself.. Before I got to the question she says so you are buying him right.. i said well in about 5 mins.. <g> I have 4 grand daughters that visit often so that is my excuse.. i buy them for the grand daughters (did that sound official)

It is surprising how small he is. but like the wife said that is the size the 3 boys I already had were just 5 weeks ago.. They sure grow quickly.. I do have a large . very large cage I purchased when I bought my first two about 3 years ago.. soooo..

all I needed was Yogies!!! oh well. could not let him stay in that petshop buy him self
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lol, i like the name holly! very fitting and a nice way to remember this little episode.

but really its so very common. my weakness for pet store rats would seem to be black mismarked berks. when i went in to get some items to fill my cage expansion all i needed were some toys and treats. well we got those and a little Babydoll too... i must say i can't be happier though. she is just a little ball of energy andjust a goob that i can't help but laugh and smile when i see her play with the others. and its things like that that make bad days tolerable :D

we'll be looking forward to pictures of the new boy btw. :wink:

now, for mod things. as this is really a meet my rat sort of thing it is being moved to that section.
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