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Oh, Twitch...?

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Hi, Twitch:

At one point, you said this:

"...but that's ok, all my lost babies are going on the mantle piece in the new apartment."

I wondered what you meant. Are your babies preserved through taxidermy? Have you done paintings of them? Did you take photographs that you're going to hang?

Hope you're well.
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Sky14 said:
That's kinda creepy....
To each their own.
I like to give back to the earth what I can, so I've buried all my rats under a fig tree in my backyard. It's the same way I want to be buried, just wrapped in a blanket under a live oak tree(live oaks and weeping willows are my favorite trees).

I don't think I could get a tattoo of ALL my rats, but once I have the one I've got planned as a present for my 18th, I may get a nice heart figure with a set of rat prints in the middle on my hip. ^_^
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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