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Oh, Twitch...?

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Hi, Twitch:

At one point, you said this:

"...but that's ok, all my lost babies are going on the mantle piece in the new apartment."

I wondered what you meant. Are your babies preserved through taxidermy? Have you done paintings of them? Did you take photographs that you're going to hang?

Hope you're well.
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sorry for taking so long in responding (i've been moving and packing) but what an interesting topic this has become! i knew about freexe-drying from a tv show i watched way back but there isn't any place near me that does it. which is a shame as i would love to be able to go this route instead. as for my comment about placing all the lost babies on the mantle peice. i have them cremated (i'm known by name at the cramators and even have special treatment there-discounts). the cases aren't always the prettiest but i can change them with something nicer whenever i find it. for the pictures, i'm trying to get some printed off nice to be able to hang above their urn but something has always come up or i forgot to pick up the proper paper and picking just one picture is so HARD! i have decided however to get them tattooed on my leg as soon as i find the right picture and tattoo artist. i imagine my leg will be filling up fast...i have a back log of 6 now and i don't plan to live my life without rats ever again. those are my plans for them anyway.
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that tat sounds really neat! i would love to see a pic of it. personally though i'm a little wary of putting a foreign language on myself. the artist could screw up or not really know what they're putting there exactly (just going off a popular yet un verified picture) and i could have something entirely different there and not know it. i am thinking about putting my cat's names on my shoulder's in theban though. i don't know the dialect but i love the script so it would be the words "Snowball" and "Sesshoumaru" in theban script. i've also been toying with the idea of tweaking a common panther arm and paw to look more domestic cat with the colors (white short-haired paw with bright blue claws for snowball and a black long-haired paw with deep yellow claws for sessho) of my treasured cats alongside the names. i would prefer to get something symbolic of my rats done instead of the portraits but i can't get the last 6 pawprints and i would be worried that the artist wouldn't get them exact. mind you that's the same worry i have with the portraits... mind you i have lots of time to decide. i still haven't found the right artist for my portraits yet. though i have the spot and pictures finally picked out. i was slightly amazed that over the last 3 years i've been able to find beautiful pictures (and some rats had very few before the digtal camera came along) that all fir together like a wonderful little jigsaw puzzle. it'll look like one gaint rat pile by the time the space is filled and i really like that idea. i'm reserving my entire right leg to the project from hip to ankle. the only thing i need to decide is how far around the leg a want it. i'm not sure if i want them to o too far into the inner thigh and i know i don't want them on my butt check as that would be a little disrespectful and i already have a butt check reserved for my mother's horse shoes tattoo...*grins* she's always had horses and though i love her dearly she is quite firmly is and has always been a pain in my butt! but its a good pain... honest.... *chuckles*
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you really need to get a pic of that tattoo up for all us to see holly. you keep teasing us with it.
i don't copy tattoos. they're too personal an experience to be coping from other people.
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