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Oh, Twitch...?

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Hi, Twitch:

At one point, you said this:

"...but that's ok, all my lost babies are going on the mantle piece in the new apartment."

I wondered what you meant. Are your babies preserved through taxidermy? Have you done paintings of them? Did you take photographs that you're going to hang?

Hope you're well.
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I was going to bury Joshu but instead I kind of donated him for scientific health study. My vet is making a book and wanted to include heart masses in it in hopes to help rats when the problem arises again.

Even if she did just throw away the body, this is a far better alternative. Joshu wasn't his body anyway and is loving that he might help others with his problem in the future.
Before Joshu passed on, I covered his foot in waterbased ink and made a printing. It didn't turn out very well but I'm hopeing I can artistically fill in the blanks or faded spots and get that tattooed on me. It's a lot smaller than a full portrait and would be easy to fit in my passed on animals on my leg plus in my opinion, a simple black foot print says a lot more and looks a lot better than a full picture.

But it would be awesome to see the work you get done Twitch <3 Please show us if you do.

And as to the freeze dry taxidermy OMG that is WEIRD. I'm sorry, but I'm comfortable with my pets going into the earth and becomming one with the planet again, that's how I would want to go. I really would love to be buried under a tree with no preservatives and no box at all. It's stupid that's against the law when it's more natural and planet friendly :p

But very interesting and I would love to see Gregor when you get him back. They seem to do an awesome job.
If you find the right artist, and mention that you tip WELL if it looks exact I'm sure you will do fine. I know a place here in Indianapolis, IN that is freaking awesome. You could go to some place that specialises in portrature tattoo and talk to the artist for a long time showing them what you want and stuff. If it's a good tattoo artist, they will understand and take the time and listen and throw around ideas to make sure they get it right. If it's a bad one, it will be obvious that they are ignoring you and just want to get the job started A.S.A.P.

But yeah, just take the time to look if you are in no rush. I would love to be a tattoo artist but havn't even been able to afford my first tattoo and consider it silly to want to start on a career I have no experiance with XD
Besides, a tattoo artist worth a salt WON'T copy anything without permission from the artist >< Copyright infringement is bad for business.
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