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Ok ill admit it.....

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This place is better than all the other ones.. i tried other places and not of them are as populer or fun as this forum.... so im ganna stick with this one....

News youv missed:
TempleTons cage came and i checked the Rat Calculator and it says it can fit 2.560 rats in it so its all good!! and i might get him a friend.
Alyssa hasnt had babies and wont.. i had them out playing together yesterday and Alyssa ((out of nowhere)) vishiously attacked TempleTon.. hes ok im just affraid to let them play together again.
And also were ((my whole family including the rats)) are taking a 9+ hour drive to our new house on June 30th. were still trying to figure out how were ganna fit the cages into the car cuz there not colapsable cages.. but we'll try to figure out a way.

So were back!! :roll:
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.....Tie'm to the car roof? :?
Forensic said:
Sky - Without the rats inside, right? 8O :lol:
Well yeah! I ment the just the cages.

And I would think you and everyone else would know that. :wink: At least I hope you would.... 8O
Good luck! :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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