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1. My little rat friend, Frank, is probably getting close to around 3 years old. When I got him in August 2013, the girl that sold him to me said she thinks he was about a year. So, taking into account the idea that the young teen likely wasn't exact, and also the passage of time since then, well that's how old he is. :)

2. Years ago when I was young, the family had cockatiel. She lived many years. Near the end of her life, she began to become slightly territorial about a space in her cage and even starting laying a few eggs. (She had no cage mate.)

Those two things have me wondering about Frank. He shows no physical signs of age, but he gathers most paper and plastic things that he can carry in his mouth. When he finds a piece of paper, or even bubble wrap, he drags it under my son's bed. He has quite a nest under there. It's rather comical. I can hand him a large piece of paper and he takes off with it.

I do realize that I've seen no established pattern of birds and nesting (let alone rats nesting) since I only saw one bird do it once many years ago. It very well could have just been a coincidence. And of course I realize that birds aren't rats. :) But it still makes me wonder, and my question to any one reading this is if you've ever noticed anything similar in your aging rat friends. Rats are fairly smart little creatures... is it possible they have an instinctual reaction to getting old that changes their behavior?
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