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I am having some unusual things happen with my older boys in the last week or so :(
Chamois has always been a marker, but he seems to be marking more and in more quantities as well. Ive also found him peeing while free ranging (neither Chamois and Wolf have ever relieved themselves while free ranging until now) sometimes. Tonight Chamois actually pooped while free ranging! I honestly dont understand whats happening..
They're 1 year and 9 months old now, theyve been sleeping more during the day and bit slower during their free range time. But they still appear healthy (apart from Wolf having mild URI) with clean coats, bright eyes and fat round tails. Is their ability to hold off on going to the toilet just diminishing due to old age? Is this normal? Im worried :(

Also, my new boys (almost 8 weeks) have been in quarantine for the last two weeks. They were completely fine in the first week, but around the beginning of the second week mark I noticed that Coyo was sniffling a bit. I gave him some honey water and he was fine for the next few days, but tonight while free ranging (separate room from the old boys) he was sneezing quite a bit. And the sneezes were wet sneezes too, but I couldnt hear any wheezing in the lungs (did the rat phone). Is this a URI? His brother Jag has zero symptoms, no sneezes or sniffles at all.
Coyo still is very active and bouncy..

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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