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Old Rat Meets New Rats Plus New Cage?

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Hi Everyone!

One of my original two rats passed away a few days ago :c bu I'm planning on getting the survivor (Gaspar) some new friends. I want to get two young rats from the same litter so when Gaspar passes on they won't be alone. I understand how introductions are supposed to work but what about when you add a whole new environment ie a Martin's Cage 685 that my boyfriend is getting me for Valentine's Day which is very exciting. :D

My question is should I wait to put the resident rat into the new cage until after introductions of before so it's neutral grounds? Would something like that make a difference? I just really want the introductions to go smoothly. Gaspar has never been an aggressive Dominant rat when his buddy was alive and I've never had to try introductions before since they have always been together when I got them.

Thank you for any advise you can give me ^-^
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I would save the cage for when they all move in together if you can. That'll make it "anyones".

BTW LOVE that a valentines gift for you is for the ratties :3
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