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Hi guys - I was hoping for some advice.
My boy Diego (2yrs and 4months).
The last month he has noticeably slowed down, he seems to sit between walking only short distances. Not so coordinated as usual. He has slowed down a lot. When he is cleaning himself he sometimes falls over. When he is eating he seems to lean a bit left and in a more lying down position. He seem to have trouble scratching himself with his back legs. He seems to be much lower on energy.
It's a bit hard to tell exactly what is going on.
Is this something to be concerned about or is he just aging?
Apart from modifying his cage which I will be doing this weekend is there anything else I should do. He is not a lone rat he has his big brother Speckle with him.
I should probably add that it is winter here now, so I actually have a heater on low for them nearly all day. Their room is just a nice room temp.
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