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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Alyssa gave me the scares today!!!!

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So like Alyssa was in her ball for a lil bit today, then she ran around the couch eating treats and everything was fine, I put her back in her cage and did some stuff around the house, checked on her then left the house for about 3 hours to run some arrends.
When I came home I emediatly checked on Alyssa... normaly she would be sleeping, greeting me or nibbling at her food, except this time she was just sitting there cruched over with her back looking funny.... I freaked!! I thought there was something wrong, I took her out of her cage and her back was like a hump... umm idk how else to put it, but it didnt look normal.
at first I thought it wa broken but she didnt seem like she was in any pain.. I held her by the scruff of her neck and usually her back would straiten but it didnt.. it just kept its humped shape.. worried, I put her back in her cage and sorta left her there ((i know it sound lame)) I just didnt know what to do and the vets wasnt on the list ((sorry if that sounds mean)).
Well I checked on her about an hour and a half ago and her back was normal again... have any clues on what it was or what happend??
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Usually a checkup is around $25-$60, though it completely depends on the vet. You really should have a rat vet all lined up before you even have a problem with your rats, honestly.

Also, those running balls aren't really that great of an idea. The whole point of out-of-cage-time is to be able to explore and climb all over new things. Can you possibly rat-proof a room for your rats?

Your girl really needs a cagemate. Rats should never live alone, except in the most extreme situations.
If you can't afford the vet, you shouldn't have the pet.
That doesn't matter, though. Rats are extremely prone to health problems, especially upper respiratory infections. You always need to have everything planned out BEFORE getting an animal. If you're traveling a lot, you need to have vet information for every place you're going if you're taking your animals.

You CAN expect everyone to have money for a vet if they have a pet, since they should plan ahead. If you're experiencing money issues right now and can't afford a vet when you need one, you should look into re-homing your animals. Although you can treat animals the holistic route, that also entails seeing a vet who specializes in that sort of treatment.
Yes, sometimes things come up, but that's why you always need to have an emergency fund for your pets.

While some myco flareups will go away on their own, a lot of times, if left untreated, they go downhill very quickly and turn into pneumonia. Myco, while set off sometimes by certain things dealing with their environment, a flareup can happen ANY time, and in ANY situation.
I've gone through that situation also, and I borrowed money from people in order to get my pets the vet care/food they needed. Adopting or purchasing an animal means you're now responsible to care for them fully. Not sometimes, or only when you can - all the time. They're not lesser beings simply because they're animals.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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