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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Alyssa gave me the scares today!!!!

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So like Alyssa was in her ball for a lil bit today, then she ran around the couch eating treats and everything was fine, I put her back in her cage and did some stuff around the house, checked on her then left the house for about 3 hours to run some arrends.
When I came home I emediatly checked on Alyssa... normaly she would be sleeping, greeting me or nibbling at her food, except this time she was just sitting there cruched over with her back looking funny.... I freaked!! I thought there was something wrong, I took her out of her cage and her back was like a hump... umm idk how else to put it, but it didnt look normal.
at first I thought it wa broken but she didnt seem like she was in any pain.. I held her by the scruff of her neck and usually her back would straiten but it didnt.. it just kept its humped shape.. worried, I put her back in her cage and sorta left her there ((i know it sound lame)) I just didnt know what to do and the vets wasnt on the list ((sorry if that sounds mean)).
Well I checked on her about an hour and a half ago and her back was normal again... have any clues on what it was or what happend??
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I have to agree with alyssa rat on this one night yes you should always have backup money but sometimes things just happen i would put my kids before my rats ANY day a rat is prone to upper respitory problems but if you do everything properly then they are not as severe. If alyssa is still eating and drinking and active then there is nothing wrong with wiating things out a bit Alyssa i would at least call a vet and ask them what they thought about it even try and see if they will work something out with a payment plan (*rolls my eyes* vets around here are heartless) but if you don't have it don't feel guilty alyssa rat knows you are doing your best for her
Understandable night but she is worried enough right now and doesn't need people telling her she is inadequate in caring for her rat i have had emergencies one after another and not had enough money to deal with it it sucks and you feel guiltier than ever.
an emergency fund is important but sometimes not feesable! that doesn't mean she shouldn't be a pet owner. She probably feels guilty enough with out people telling her she isn't a fit rat mommy. I have had numerous times where mty boys had to wait because something came up with something else that needed more attention i.e. kids hubby and no matter what she loves her ratties and does the best she can for them
I would start putting money aside for those just in case things (i know how hard it is but i putt all of my dollar bills and change into a jar at the end of the night) sometimes you just don't have it and that is understandable completely there have been times when i just wanted a check up done for my boys and just didn't have it
how adorable!!! my boys lean like that when they are cleanign themselves but it never looks as cute LOl your ratties looks like my little man butlittle man is a dumbo
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