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one better than the other?

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Is their much of a difference between carefresh and kaytee total comfort bedding??? I know their is a slight difference in price, but other than that is their much of a difference?
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I used to use Carefresh, but about 3 months ago swtiched to kaytee total comfort bedding only cuz it was cheaper. The only difference besides the price is the feel of it. Its alot softer than Carefresh and a bit finer too. Other than that, there both great types of bedding to use. Even tho it doesnt look like much is in the Total Comfort it does expand and lasts as long as the 40L of the CareFresh.
To me they about the same when it comes to soaking up water or urine. About the extra dust...They seems to be a slight bit more in the Total Comfort but I dont really notice it much cuz it settles at the bottom of the bag. Wow! Over here in Cali TotalComfort is $13.99 and CareFresh is $18.99!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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