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I try to play with my rats occasionally and finger wrestle with them. If they're not into it, I stop because they just look annoyed haha. But sometimes they play back and jump around and flip on their back and bite me and grab me with their little hands, and then popcorn off before coming back for round 2. It's really cute. Well, Berki will only bite/grab, popcorn a little when my boyfriend finger wrestles with him, but he never bites/plays with me! We can't decide if Berki plays with him because he likes my boyfriend more, or if he's actually biting him (gently) because he's firmly asking him to please stop tickling him and in fact DOESN'T like him which is why he asks him to stop with his bites instead of just uninterested body language. He doesn't ever seem aggressive, but I can see it going either way.
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