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Opening window

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It is very much winter where I live but I would like to open the window in the rats room just to get them some fresh air. I've heard if they get a draft they can get sick. Is it a bad idea?
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If you keep them out of the direct breeze, they'll be fine. In the winter I have my window just barely cracked and the cold air quickly freshens up the room. You could even throw a sheet over a few sides of the cage if you have a small room or they're cage is in a direct breeze.
I've taken my shoulder rats outside down to about 16 degrees F. For short periods it doesn't seem to bother them, then they will crawl up under my coat. Extended cold exposure, as in several hours under 60 degrees however would cause Fuzzy Rat to dribble pee for a few days afterwards as did swimming even in summer. I wouldn't be concerned about minor drafts for short periods of time. I might note I've never had a hairless rat, so things might be different if you do.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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