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out of the blue biting

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I just got my rats about a month ago, I love them so much. I have a dumbo and a fancy, both from the same litter, and they seemed like they’ve been adjusting well. they’re not extremely opposed to being handled, they eat, they play and are affectionate with me (albeit the dumbo is much shyer), I was hanging out with them today, and my fancy (patches) was running around in my shirt and she was resting on my chest, and she suddenly starting clawing at my neck and biting my chin, and drew blood! I had to pull her off she wouldn’t stop! once I got her off I just sat there and she kept crawling around in my shirt! I didn’t place her there, she chose to sit there! should I be concerned ive done sometjing to scare her? she’s never bitten like this, she hasn’t been aggressive. I got her at around/under 3 months, could this be because of an illness? I might be paranoid but I swear there’s something off going on with her, but she was just at the vet last week. help?
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How old is she? She could possibly be hormonal. Rats may also bite if overexcited - I could never hand wrestle with one of my boys because he got too feisty and would bite
I’m not sure, the place we got her from didn’t know how old they were beyond being somewhere around 3 months
It could be hormonal, but was she overexcited at the time? Is she displaying signs of being in heat?
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