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Outbreak in California

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I just got this emailed to me and i thought anyone here who lives in california may need this information. If you do live in California and your rats are experiencing any of this print a copy of it and take it to your vets office with you

To: Whom it may concern
From: Rattie Ratz Board of Directors
Re: Potential health risks to rats adopted at The Wonderful World of Rats 2007
Posting Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007

San Francisco Bay Area
March/April 2007
Illness Outbreak Warning

It was brought to our attention on Saturday, April 7th there have been several rats that have fallen ill/passed away after the event on Sunday, March 25th, 2007 at the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo. Unfortunately, we were unable to collect information on Sunday, April 8th as it was Easter, but we spent all day collecting information on Monday, April 9th to formulate this announcement.

Origin: Unknown
Transmission: Unknown, but The Wonderful World of Rats 2007 suspected
Illness: Unknown, but SDA suspected

Symptoms may include ANY of the following in varying degrees of severity. If your rats exhibit any of these symptoms, please begin treatment immediately:
· Porphyrin (rust colored) stains about nose and/or eyes
· Wheezing, small coughs, congestion, sneezing, increase in rapid breathing, labored breathing, use of abdominal muscles to breathe, and gasping
· Hunched posturing, rough coat, lethargy
· Poor or loss of appetite
· May hear Rales (crackling, often sounds like Rice Krispies in milk) when listening to chest with stethoscope
· May hear Rhonchi (rumbling indicating presence of thick fluid) when listening to chest with stethoscope
· If significant consolidation present in lungs, breath sounds may be diminished even when listening with a stethoscope
· Presence of head tilt if otitis media/interna (ear infection) is present
· Presence of secondary illness, eg: tumors
· Panic type movement related to inability to get enough oxygen into lungs
· Feet and tail tip cyanosis (as oxygen in blood decreases) may be a late sign
· Swelling around the neck and cervical nodes
· Bulging of eye(s)

We will be having blood tests done on some of the rats showing symptoms to determine what the virus is. The first rat will be able to provide blood on Tuesday, April 17th and we should have results in 3 weeks. If the first rat tested comes back with a positive SDA result, then we'll assume the others have SDA also. However, if it comes back negative, we'll keep testing. As referenced on ratguide.com, the delay in blood testing is for the proper antibodies to develop avoiding a false negative result.

Please refer to the following sites for more information and treatment suggestions:
· http://ratguide.com/health/lower_respiratory/pneumonia.php
· http://ratguide.com/health/viruses/sda.php

As a precaution, until we have positively identified what is going around, Rattie Ratz has cancelled all of our bay area adoption events until further notice. We have also set quarantine in place for all of our exposed foster homes. We are going to get the E.L.I.S.A. testing done as soon as we possibly can in an attempt to rule out SDA exposure BUT we advise that you take proper measures to keep your rats as healthy as possible. We would also like to identify and track all affected rats. If you believe your rats are sick, please contact us. We would like to know who is sick, when they got sick, and where they may have been exposed. We will post updates as they become available to us. We send our condolences to anyone who has lost rats during this illness and we will remain available to anyone faced with ailing rats.

Rattie Ratz
[email protected]
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no problem i just took a copy of it to the vets with me and he said he will contact any other vet that he knows sees ratties in my area. I will keep you posted on what it is and what not as i get the info

PS jackson is doing good he has arthritis but other than that he is all clear. Sebastian is healthy as a horse LoL
thankies jennie i will start doing some research on it tonight he got a shot at the vets office so i am not too worried about it if in a month the symptoms start reoccuring i am to go back to the vets office and see what other options there are he is doing really good now though ((huge sigh of relief))
I really appreciate it jennie jackson is the only rat that survived the huge virus we had gotten (sounds like we had SDA) and i hate to watch him be in pain the vet was really understanding and watched him walk for like twenty minutes LoL he wanted to be sure there were no tumors on his spine or anything and he gave him a good feel over LoL poor jackson was so annoyed LoL but he is feeling much better and even wants out of the cage again!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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