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Penelope and Peach

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I have two girls Penelope and Peach, they are about 5-6 weeks old and they are just the most adorbale rats I've ever seen, but they are not very playful with me... They tend to run and hide from me unless I have food for them or I'm giving Penelope water... Peach really wants nothing to do with me... They seem so scared of me... It's sad. I know they are just babies but I wish they liked me more... The rat I used to have, Annabell, she was the most playful rat I have had. She played hide and go seek and even tag. She came everywhere with me... The connection was instant. I wish the same could have happened with these two girls. I know they say it will take time... But It's hard to think they don't like me :(
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I found that if you add a more lively girl to the bunch it does help. I just went the other day and got a beautiful Siamese dumbo from the breeder I got peach and Penelope from and she has already helped so much. Peach comes on my hand with no food! Its an improvement!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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