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Pet Store, plain rats..

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Well I notice people on here mentioning about how they got their rat at a pet store or something like that but every pet store Ive gone to has never had anything special like a dumbo or a blue or anything. Just PEW, Black hooded and rarely tan rat hooded. Whats with this? Are Bay Area Pet stores just not interested in different kinds of rats?
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rattikins said:
The other weird thing about that is that they price them higher as they get larger.... ie - small is $4.99, large is $9.99, Further convincing buyers that they are getting different things.

Wouldn't you think that the younger rats should be the most expensive, being that they would live the longest (in general) and be the most maleable? :lol:

Always thought that was really misleading and stupid of them.
I don't know Petco but I assume they sell feeder rats and if so generaly feeder rats are always priced by size . You pay a higher price for a larger "feeder" rat because of the time it takes to raise them to that size , the cost of feeding them ect...

I belive anyway
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