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I live in the tristate area of NY, and have recently upgraded to a DCN for my five girls (finally!). I don't want the Manor to just go in the trash if anyone else can use it or needs it. I have two other smaller cages for hospital/quarantine and it would be silly to just keep the Manor at this point (aka my husband will kill me...;D).

It is free, and it is well used. There is a small dent at the top from when we moved, but no functional deficits. I never liked the grating of the ramps/levels and always covered it, just fyi. I can't deliver.

If you are looking for a hospital/quarantine cage, you can't get lower than free! Message me here or PM me. If there is a delay with me returning any messages, it's because next week is finals week and I might be ripping the rest of my hair out. But don't worry, I will reply!
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