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So we have a couple new rats, one since last night(Binx) and one since today(Dusty). We pull them out and play with them on the futon which is a lot of fun. Tonight, they were running around for a while having fun when Binx decided to come curl up in my lap, nussling her head into my leg. I started rubbing her and she laid there for the next 45 or so minutes just getting rubbed, eyes open. When I would stop for 30 secs or so, she would poke her head up and look around until I started rubbing again, then sit there completely still. Normally when I try to pet her, she'll run away or just sit there and get rubbed for a few seconds before running.

Now I guess I'm just taken back by this because it would be really surprising if she actually got used to me this quick, but is this a good sign that she's starting to trust me already? I probably played with her 3 hours yesterday and another 3 today, so after only 6ish hours she's that comfortable? Or was she just really tired =P It took me months to gain the trust of my bunnies and I already feel like Binx trusts me more than the bunnies ever did.

As a side note, Dusty licked my finger for a good minute up and down. For bunnies this is a sign of love, but is it the same for rats? Or did I just have something tasty on it haha =P
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