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Had some awesome free time today, just us ladies! Had some time before bed so I let them run around on the bed a bit. Their personalities are really starting to shine :)

Delilah is wild, she wants to run run run, then climb all over you, get kisses, then attack your toes lol. Literally she runs full speed and slams into my feet! Nothing phases her!

Dahlia would rather go on and sniff around, do her own thing, then when she's done come to me for some shoulder cuddle time. She's not much for playing or running lol. Lazy grumpy bum! Also, I might be losing my mind but... it seems like the beige color on her head is getting lighter? Maybe not. I just feel like it used to be darker :/

Doralita is still sooooooo shy! All she wants to do is huddle up on, under, or near me. She loves ear scritches, hiding in my hair, looking up at me with her big pink eyes, and cuddling up on me. She's SO soft... I don't know how, they all have the same type of coat, but she has the softest. I think she might get a bit braver but will still be a cuddle bug :)

PHOTOS! Sorry some are blurry, I wanted good pics and to do that with this phone that have to stand TOTALLY still... Yeah right!! They are all mixed up but you can probably still make out who's who :)


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