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Picked up our first rat today :-)

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Hello all.

So my fiancee and I picked up our first pet rat today. We are in our late 20s and have had many pets, we both take a lot of pride in taking excellent care of our animals.

Our new Fancy Blue Rat is a male, not neutered, and joins a happy family of four cats and two people.

We got him a big cage, proper bedding and food, and he is actually getting settled in quite nicely...he is shy, but that is to be expected.

After doing a LOT of reading, we have decided to go back to PetSmart and get one of his brothers (there was a mischief of 5 males who all got along splendidly) to keep him company.

My question: Since we will be introducing him to a rat he already knows and has spent time with in harmony...should we follow a formal introduction process, or just put them together and just keep an eye on them?

My name is Chris, and my fiancee is Drea...we will probably both post from this account.

Thank you in advance.

Chris and Drea.
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If you want a little help with the holding part, while you hold them, try giving them some yogurt. my little guys love that. actually what i do is i use unsweetened, plain, low-fat yogurt then sweeten it with splenda. that way they aren't taking in too much fat. now they're always licking my hand to see if i have some more of it. i've had this new one for about a month and a week and it took him quite awhile to get truly comfortable with me holding him. if you like snugglin with your rats, just wait until they settle down in your lap! :D
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