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Pics of my boys, at last!

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I finally got some uploaded :D

I got my first rat, Oscar, through work. He arrived from the breeder, and as we were accepting the new stock it was obvious he had a probem with his eyes. At first we thought it was some sort of infection that was preventing him from opening his eyes, but after closer inspection, and a vet visit to confirm, it turned out he didn't have any eyes at all! A birth defect apparently. Obviously he couldn't be sold, and there was no way we were sending him back to the breeder, so i brought him home :) I can honestly say it was the best thing i ever did. He's the bravest, naughtiest and most intelligent rat i've come accross - and the fact that he's blind hardly effects how he gets around at all.

A few months later, i brought Moss home, though not from [email protected] I found him in a pet shop in Barnsley, being kept in conditions that were far from ideal for rats. I had intended to rescue a rat, or at least get one from a breeder, but i swear my heart would have broken if i had left the store without him.

I also have thee female guinea pigs who are just a little older than two, who i similarly adore and dote on.


What a hard day... (don't ask about the random hand in the background :lol: it's a long story involving a camping shop and a mannequin...)

With his head in the yoghurt drop packet...

Sniffing what used to be my cactus


Having his tail cleaned. That is not a happy rat :D

All warm and snuggly

Those pics of Moss are pretty old - it's a shame he didn't keep that colour. It's almost completely faded out now, he looks nearly white in poor light. His colour's so strange...started off beige and now he just has beige shading around his blaze, and a dark grey patch at the base of his tail. Anyone got any ideas as to what that colour is?
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Even tho you said Moss wasn't happy getting his tail washed, I always think dumbo rats are smiling all the time.
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