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Playtime with Raz-Ma-Taz

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Now I've had Raz for a few weeks and he's completely comfortable. at first he was always a little nervous and really didn't want to play games with me. Now all i do is call "Raz" along with kissy noises and he comes running out from wherever he is. Then he either hop up on me and want me to scratch him or we play wrestling. I'll use 2 fingers to run around then he comes to them and I roll him over and tickle his belly. He loves it and will run to face the opponent(my fingers) then squirm while I tickle him and run under my bed. Then, a few seconds later he's back out to face my fingers again.

It seems that now that he is comfortable with me he loves to do what I'm doing-whether it be going for a shoulder ride around the house, playing a game, hiding treats that I give him, inspecting and toys I make him, or simply coming to me for some scratching and love.

he's a sweet boy and I love that little face more and more(as if it were even possible! lol)
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the best part of it is your love for him will keep growing. =]
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