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Hazel-5 months, agouti Berkshire and Willow, 5 months, agouti hooded.
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So I got home today and as usual I took out my rats for a cuddle when I realised there were some bald patches on the sides of Willow’s face, one slightly less than the other. The patch which is the biggest literally has no hair, all you can see is skin. Willow lives with her sister Hazel who is the more dominant rat and grooms her a lot. Is she excessively grooming? I’ve heard that’s called barbering?? Is it harmful and will Willow be okay?? She seems happy enough and there have been no conflict between Willow and Hazel.
Please help me!!

Also I will try and attach pictures if I can figure out how😂
1 - 4 of 4 Posts