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I could really use some help entering a contest, where I need as many people as possible to click on a link. That's it- just click the link! And, sharing/cross-posting is greatly appreciated!

The purpose of this contest is to make people aware of Rescue Me, an animal rescue site. Not just dogs and cats, but small & furry, reptiles, etc.

Below is my custom link and I need as many people to click on it as possible! Thank you!

PLEASE VISIT ► http://www.rescueme.org/?B30C7 ◀ to help me
win a Vet Care Grant. View thousands of purebred dogs and cats,
as well as mixes, and exotics. Over 200 breeds for adoption. PLEASE SHARE.

Here are the details:
The two people whose custom links get visited by the most individuals before October 25 will win $500 Vet Care Vouchers; eight runners-up will win $250 Vet Care Vouchers. Another 40 people who enter will be randomly chosen to win $50 Vet Care Vouchers, regardless of number of visits. (Visits tracked by IP address. Multiple visits from same IP will be counted as one visit.)
If you win, use the voucher to help your own animals, give it as a gift, or donate it to your favorite shelter. There is no limit to the number of times you share your custom link to increase awareness of Rescue Me! Grants are in no way sponsored by Facebook. Facebook is not required; you may use any means, not just Facebook, to promote your custom link and increase chances of winning. Complete rules: http://www.RescueMe.org/contest?B30C7

Thank you for anyone who can help me out with this. :)
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